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Mission Vision and Advocacy

MISSION, VISION & ADVOCACY Perusing his Mission “Protect Our Folk Arts Before It’s Too Late” he established Indian Folk Art Federation, in an active support of the folk art practitioners and cultural activists of different states. Federation, which is working for folk artists in distant, rural, remote and far-flung areas of our country, is reaching out to the unreached in an effective manner and it’s really very pleasing to know that a team of volunteers are working in so many states in a very organized manner. They are certainly laying a foundation where we will be able to save our indigenous folk art forms for the future generations. Shri Yadvanshi with Indian Folk Art Federation is on one hand addressing Livelihood issues of Folk Artists by establishing linkages with Governmental, Non-Governmental & Cultural organizations and on the other hand it is reviving folk art forms through intensive research for providing the missing links. According to Atul Yadvanshi “The Folk Music, Dance & Drama is vibrant and full of verve. It has been passed to us through generations. Classical Music, Ragas & Dances have originated from Folk Arts. We are trying our best to preserve folk music in its Pure & Pristine form”.