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Productions Designed and Directed

PRODUCTIONS DESIGNED & DIRECTED The story telling format of Nautanki with songs in between has certainly regained its lost glory under Atul Yadvanshi. The Highlights of his achievement and contributions is that the sweetness and innocence of Nautanki has been re-established in his productions. He is pioneer in recognizing the power of Nautanki and keeps consistent focus on such daring Contemporary & Universal themes as Indian Classics, Preserving Cultural Heritage, Care for Old Age, Strengthening Social Fabric etc. through the powerful medium of Nautanki. Now Yadvanshi and Nautanki are synonyms. He has strengthened Nautanki by incorporating new stories and plays of Kalidasa, Bhartendu, Munshi Premchand and other Folk Tales very effectively in Nautanki form. Atul Yadvanshi’s creativity speaks high through the Great Indian Folk Band- ‘RHYTHM-RAAS-RANG’- which is showcasing Indian Folk Art's Music, Melodies, Rhyme, Rhythm, Glitter & Glamour. of Folk Art Gala Extravagance. Eminent Folk Artists of different regions of India who have mesmerized the world with their performances are clubbed into a single programme i.e. ‘RHYTHM-RAAS-RANG’. Yadvanshi has Conceptualized, Designed, Directed and Assisted NAMAN (2008), SAPTRANG (2009), JHANKAR (2010), UTTARAYAN (2011) and assisted in OCTAVE twice (2009 & 2010). Undoubtedly Atul Yadvanshi's programme Celebrates India’s glorious History, Culture & Traditions through which he motivates others to follow his path and 'Protect Our Folk Arts Before It's Too Late'. The Art Lovers, Media Personnel, Opinion Makers, Policy Makers & General Public bestows due recognition to accomplishments.